From our humble beginnings in November 2014, our meteoric rise to fame has been nothing short of spectacular!
We are (as at the time of writing) close to approaching 50 businesses stocking our Camel milk and have had to increase our capacity to meet soaring consumer demand. Follow Camelsmilk UK’s remarkable progress via the timeline:

  • The embryonic Camel Milk business is started by 2 directors, with frozen milk being imported from Holland  (2014)
  • A customer tweets a picture of the milk which is spotted by well-known local newspaper, the Manchester Evening News (MEN) (2015)
  • Camelsmilk UK are prominently featured in a newspaper article in the Manchester Evening News (2015)
  • The article is spotted by Camelicious®, part of the Emirates Industry for Camel Milk products (EICMP) who now approach Camelsmilk UK, and ask them to supply their prestigious Camelicious® Camel Milk (2015)
  • The first shipment of Camelicious® hits the UK, and Camel Milk is now firmly on the UK map! (2015)
  • Further articles appear in the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail, highlighting the exploits of Camelicious® and Camelsmilk UK (2015)
  • Camelsmilk UK go to the ‘foodmatters live’ exhibition in Excel London, receiving very positive feedback about their great tasting Camel Milk  (2015)
  • Camelsmilk UK joins well known online food retailer, The Food Market.com  (2015)
  • Camelsmilk UK are in talks with UK Olympic athlete Mohammed Farah, who is interested in promoting the milk  (2016)
  • Camelsmilk UK achieve a personal milestone when milk capacity is increased to 1,000 litres every 2 weeks and 2,000 litres every month. (2016)