About Camelicious®

Just over 25 years ago Dubai’s Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (CVRL) set out with an ambitious edict which was to establish the country’s first truly world class Camel Milk production facility. Research began in earnest, and the brief was simple; to obtain credible scientific proof about the health benefits associated with Camel Milk. Upon completion of the research in 2003, the Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products (EICMP) was established. 3 years later, EICMP successfully set up their Camel Milk processing facility and realised the dream which had started over 25 years ago. The new brand, Camelicious® was born, hitting UAE shelves in August of the same year and the rest as they say, is history.

factory2Dubai’s EICMP runs the world’s most advanced, fully integrated Camel Milk production and processing facility based in the Al Ain district of Dubai; it truly is one of a kind, unrivalled. A considerable amount of time, research and money has been spent on ensuring the plant uses the very best and latest, cutting edge techniques to extract and produce Camel Milk, providing consumers with a product of the very highest quality.

EICMP are very serious about the welfare of the camels with the facility boasting their own dedicated veterinarian team. They ensure the health and well being of the 4,000 strong herd on the camel farm, which is situated in the grounds of the EICMP processing facility. State of the art technology ensures milking is fully optimised and that camels are treated humanely during the milking process. The facility has been successful in achieving ISO 22000 standards, as well as following stringent Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point *(HACCP) procedures.

EICMP also has close working links with the Ministry of Environment and Water, Dubai Municipality and Central Veterinary Research Laboratory (CVRL). It was the first facility in the Middle East to receive EU Commission approval, a prestigious honour enabling it to export Camel Milk into the EU zone; a milestone achieved back in 2013. Building on this historic success, an export permit to Malaysia was granted in the same year as was Halaal certification from the same country in August 2014. Malaysia has a population which is approximately 95% Muslim, and so EICMP are able to penetrate a captive market. In Islam, drinking Camel Milk is strongly linked to prophetic guidance.

Mutasher Al Badry, the Deputy General Manager at EICMP responsible for the Camelicious® brand, says awareness of the distinctive brand and the wider health benefits of Camel Milk are continuing to grow.

permit_logoHe also said “Although Camel Milk has always been known in Middle East and African regions, the accessibility for the wider public has only been achieved in recent years.” Camelicious® came on to the market in 2006.Since its introduction in 2006, Camel Milk has gone from strength to strength, due in large part to the work of EICMP. There are now even coffee shops in the UAE selling coffee products made with Camel Milk. And apparently, they are doing a roaring trade as well, as the milk seems to be gaining increased popularity!

Al Badry also stated that “Today, camel milk enjoys increasing popularity right across the UAE, not only among locals but also among health-conscious western expatriates. The benefits are quite well known to those familiar with the product and demand is higher than supply at the moment.”

As you can see, EICMP is a world class facility which gives our customers the reassurance of knowing that the Camel Milk they buy from Camelsmilk UK not only has a great taste and is healthy, but is also produced to a very high, humane and safe standard

*HACCP is a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product.